Refresh live updating smart playlist Live web cameras

For example, I made a script which automatically import my tracks into a monthly playlist (e.g January 2011) on i Tunes when I put them into my music folder. You can right click – windows (or ctrl click – mac) on an i Tunes playlist and choose “Import to playlists” and it will make a duplicate Traktor playlists, however the Traktor playlists won’t update automatically if you add new songs in the i Tunes playlist.

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Getting your Mac to play a playlist on demand at a certain time isn't hard at all (Awaken will do it easily, or Alarm Clock 2 will do it as donationware), but the tough part is getting your podcasts rounded up into a playlist so you can hear all the new shows all in one go.

I rounded up a few of my favorite daily podcasts, with the plan of putting them all together so I'd have something to listen to as I woke up in the morning.

Next, what you'll want to do is create a Smart Playlist for each of the podcasts you'll want to include in the master playlist.

You can sort your playlist by clicking on whatever field you’d like to sort by.

I personally like to either sort my playlists by “Date Added” so the newest tracks show up at the top, or by “Comment” so the playlist is sorted by key.