Rihanna and shia labeouf dating

I remember her once saying that she tells the stories about what has happened to her because she would rather have people hear them first hand from her then some magazine or people gossiping on a blogsite *cough*.

I think she tells her stories so women can relate to her, to show people that she is not this perfect human that people hold her up as.

his hand is really fucked up but I'm sure he's grateful it wasn't more parts of his body that were injured. too funny Who''s more disturbed chris brown, shia or rihanna? ok shia is probably the only one with a promising a-list career Rih was begging for a celebrity romance, err what happend to focusing on your career?

Black America would have seen her as haven "gotten what she deserved!

And if someone in a similar situation can look at her and learn something or take something from what she has gone through then she said so be it.

Everyone that I have ever heard talk about David Justice has called him an @ss-hole..thats nothing new.

Lebouff but he's GOT TIME; the one thing you can't buy.

We weren't passionate about each other in that way, so we remain friends.” Let's take a long and honest look at both Shia Lebouff (spelling) and Chris: 1.)Chris is younger, and muscially he's more talented, he's hasn't been in as much movies as Mr.