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Tweet So theres this ugly as fuck,sausage tittied,wannabe scene queen from yuma az her name is Di An NA Da Gg Er~~~* she wears cheap as shit hot topic extensions,has a squidward nose,and talks about having money and being glamorous but she cant even afford photoshop or a decent also wears this disgusting hannah montanna wig and talks about how everywhere she goes people stare at hun,maybe its because you walk around like A MOTHER FUCKIN CLOWN!

her mother doesnt even love her enough to tell her she looks like a fuckin clown prosty she dresses like this for attention and she doesnt even go to shows or support the scene.

Now, some of the members have asked Dannie to come back to form a pop/rock band.

Throw up your metal claws and scream “DOO WOP DOO WOP”!

But I watch Bleach, Death note, and many other tv shows. I don't really like to read but i read comics and Magazines. love me and ill love you (maybe ) I am not very forgiving, but i forget easily When i try do something hard, I do it till the very end, with full effort.

I view Hobey's to be the easy things in life for you. every step you take could be a mistake of your life, but you just move on.

Everyone's full of jealousy so they try to put you down to make themselves feel better but a best friend tells you their true opinion of you.

LOLZ i love to take pic's.(I DON' T TAKE BULLSHIT FROM ANYONE) I ignore the jerks in my life. My hair color is light brown but i die it different colors. Everything happens for a reason, and without the reason things are pointless. i want the world to be a peaceful place for everyone to live in.

if you don't know me your more than welcome to explore. i love many bands and music is my Number 1 favorite next to friends. I Love to mess with my hair that's a hobby lolz. I view mistakes to be a lesson well learned and I view life to be full of experiences to live through.

There is a video of him and Sam sitting answering questions that has surfaced one one of his fake's profiles.

I'm Chris, I'm 19 years old, i love to skateboard, Model, sing, and enjoy my time with very good friends. I judge books by their cover (literally) But people are always different and they have a mind of their own. Everyone should have the right to express their opinion and feelings.