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Since the February 2011 revolution, Libya has struggled with the challenge of building a new country.

There are currently three rival governments, no constitution, no clearly operating legal system, no defined property rights, no organized police force, and too many independently operating militias.

The workshop also provided an opportunity for extended discussion about the difficult situation in Libya.

Many of these conversations could provide no easy answers for productive action at a time when Libya is still gripped with profound instability.

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These multi-disciplinary teams would form the core of the next training workshop on introductory cultural resource protection.

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By: Susan Kane Today the cultural heritage of Libya faces significant threats and damage due to unmanaged, unregulated development and civil disorder.

This workshop marked the first time that Libyan archaeologists, police, and customs agents had ever participated in a joint training exercise.

The workshop included a series of practical exercises on crime scene documentation and the various techniques of evidence collection, including fingerprint lifting and DNA sample collection.