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Don’t rely on it to change, because the ecosystem is not going to adapt itself to your needs.And remember that no one in Europe is forced to stay in their local ecosystem.A lot of toxicity is invisible, with dangers hidden even in things that seem positive (like chasing after public funding, for example). If you can see the problem and people are talking about it, you can overcome it.The real problems comes with all the toxic things that you don’t see.The common factor is that all toxicity encourages you to waste your time.That’s what a toxic ecosystem is, a machine for wasting time.That’s why interior discipline becomes huge, since your use of time is the number one thing that you can control. We say that we manage time differently, but really, we waste it.

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When we complain about bureaucracy, when we complain about public money, when we say there is no hope, when we are surrounded by pessimism, when there are no role models to be found or when the role models give bad advice…that’s toxicity.

Be aggressive in building something new that’s linked to your ecosystem, not constrained by it.

This means that you can’t just complain, instead you have to master the system.

But one thing has stayed there from the beginning, and that was on the very first slide, which asked, “Why are we opening The Family? Now I can say, after traveling around, launching in Berlin and London, that in truth Europe is toxic.

There’s something so specific about our environment and its relationship with innovation that makes it very difficult to be an entrepreneur.