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A little is OK, but a lot can wreak havoc on your entire body, including your fertility.

Stress impacts hormones, metabolism, mood, sex drive and appetite, so just about every aspect of your life can be thrown out of whack by too much tension.

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Havoc and Prodigy made Mobb Deep great by offering slight variations on the same dead-eyed fatalism.

Read on to find out which factors really contribute to infertility issues in order to boost your chances of starting, or growing, your family. Believe it or not, a man's sperm can survive for three to five days in a woman's reproductive tract, says Dr. So, even if you're not ovulating during those moments of passion, his little swimmers can still fertilize an egg if you start ovulating a couple of days later. Brasner, a woman's optimal window for fertility starts three to five days before ovulation and ends soon after, so "having sex in the few days leading up to ovulation, in addition to when you actually ovulate, is important for increasing your odds of conception." And when it comes to getting pregnant, timing really is everything.

According to Shari Brasner, MD, ob-gyn at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and contributor for Baby, a woman's fertility peaks earlier than most would imagine: between 22 and 26, and begins to decline soon after.

Out Kast staked itself on the player-and-the-poet duality; André and Antwan transcended because each one could animate either side of the split.

When Phife Dawg passed away this year, the eulogies rightly pointed out that the five-foot assassin kept Q-Tip tethered to Queens, to Earth.