Sex date peru lima

General Note: There are many types of contraceptives, also known as "birth control," including IUDs, oral contraceptives, patches, shots, and condoms, etc. Contraception, including the birth control pill ("la píldora" in Spanish), is legal and available with prescription.

About 70% of Peruvian women are on some form of contraceptive.

For dedicated EC that is progestin-only, you can find tons of brands in Peru: Dia S MP, Glanique 1, Impreviat, Postinor 1 (Take 1 pill within 120 hours after unprotected sex).There's also Anulette, Famila-28, Lo-Femenal, Microgynon, Minigynon, Nordette and Rigevidon 21 7 (Take 4 pills within 120 hours after unprotected sex and take 4 more pills 12 hours later).And there's also Loette Suave (Take 5 pills within 120 hours after unprotected sex and take 5 more pills 12 hours later).You order by phone and a motorbike courier delivers to your home.Here are some pharmacies that deliver and seem to also cater to foreigners/travelers: Important Notes - Learn about PEP and Pr EP: If you think that you've been recently exposed to HIV (i.e.