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During the nearly 20 years that D has covered Dallas, these stories are the ones that seem to most fascinate local readers.They are also the ones that lure Hollywood producers and wannabes to the pages of the magazine searching for articles they can turn into MOWs- movies of the week.Though charged with Stan Farr’s murder (as well as the shooting of Priscilla and the two teenagers), those charges were dropped and Cullen was never tried, leaving people to wonder if yet another Cullen Davis trial is possible.There is no statute of limitations on murder, But Davis’ attorney, Sumner, believes it’s unlikely.

“He gave Cullen a personality, a sense of humor, and a chin.” Cartwright adds that the convoluted story has been greatly simplified and changed in some ways to better fit the producer’s idea of Texas.

“If you can’t win the Andrea Wilborn case you sure can’t win the Stan Fair case,” Sumner says.

The case produced three excellent books: Blood Will Tell, by Gary Cartwright; Final Justice: The True Story of the Richest Matt Ever Tried for Murder, by Steven Naifehand and Gregory White Smith; and Texas vs.

In a conversation between Davis and his “middleman,” who was cooperating with authorities, Davis’ incriminating comments after viewing the photo of the “dead” judge were taped. But Davis did not go quietly into that weird realm of pseudo-normalcy that surrounds tile most visible of accused criminals.

“Now you want Beverly Bass killed next, quick, right ? In 1980, he made headlines again when it was revealed that Cullen and his wife, Karen, under the tutelage of Euless evangelist James Robison, had made a public conversion to Christianity.