Sims 3 dating mixologist

If nothing's present, the aspiration is available to all players with the Sims 4 base game.

For now, there is only one Athletic Aspiration, but more may be added later when we get Expansions.

They're also able to paint grilled cheese paintings.

Grilled Cheese Aspiration Objectives: Milestone 1: Gouda Greenhorn Total Satisfaction Gained: 4,675 Reward Trait: Fresh Chef Makes your Sim always make high quality food, and it never spoils, meaning big meals can last a long time.

If, for example, you were expected to master a Skill you didn't want to, have many friends, or join a Career, it would help you to avoid selecting that.This Reward Trait takes effect during the Elder life stage, meaning your Sim will live longer than his or her peers once they reach that age.Bodybuilder Aspiration Objectives: Milestone I: Basic Trainer Total Satisfaction Gained: 4,925 Reward Trait: Poetic Allows you to write the Book of Life.Players who choose an Athletic Aspiration will get the High Metabolism Bonus Trait, which helps Sims stay in shape and get muscular more quickly than other Sims.Total Satisfaction Gained: 5,050 Reward Trait: Long Lived Lets your Sim live a longer life than other Sims, assuming there are no accidental deaths.