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He appears to the workers there and guest he pull there blankets off them at night and moves your shoes and stuff in a neat place he’s a good ghost doesn’t bother anyone but be careful not to trash he room 128 or hell destroy your things and hell mess with you the whole stay.The workers there well tell you the stories and you always feel someone watching you at night.Upon his capture, Aury was sentenced to hang in the gallows behind the jail.As word spread, a huge crowd gathered to witness the execution of this famous criminal.

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They also received a phone call from the boss' office even though he had left 2 hours earlier.

This is reportedly Sunshine Gibson, one of the Gibson sisters that owned the hotel in the 1920's.

A worker at the front desk claims one of the ghost has been calling their phone all night.

He is a friendly ghost that moves things in the room such as shoes or tucks guests into bed. We also have the ghost of a woman that roams the second floor.

She has been seen wearing a long gray dress with her hair pulled back in a bun.