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At 22 years of age, Mankiewicz reasoned, Judy Garland had the talent and ability to graduate to more adult roles. Mayer and complained, and for once he sided with her.And Judy not only agreed with it, but with Mankiewicz in her corner, for the first time she summoned up the strength to actually resist the studio for her own benefit. He went to producer Arthur Freed to discuss the matter, but was effectively swayed in the other direction by Freed, director Vincent Minnelli, and most importantly the reigning studio storyteller Lillie Messinger.

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She was seen for the first time with her hair up and looking quite beautiful.MGM purchased the screen rights to Sally Benson's "Kensington Stories" for ,000.00 on March 1, 1942.Right away, the story went through the screen writing process at MGM.But Freed stood by his choices and went about the tasks of pre-production on the film, including the casting of the major roles.When Judy Garland first discovered that MGM was going to cast her in their new musical film entitled Meet Me In St. She feared, and with good reason, that the film would set her career back.