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Taoism was a religion appreciated by the upper class and high level society, leading it to gain the respect of imperial governments and spread rather quickly. te Ching- “Morality Scripture” a collection of stories and poems written by Lao Tze.

The book explains the way of the Tao, and how to properly live.

Taoism has spread from it roots in China all across the globe.

While it is still popular today in China, it is more popular in modern day Taiwan.

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He is considered the first principle, and he is self-existing, invisible, limitless, is present in all places, and is the source of all truths.

It is also popular today in the United States of America.

With the stress of everyday life at an all time high Americans like the simplicity and harmony of the religion.

Historians dispute over the exact time of founding, others disputes refer to the existence of Laozi at all.

Laozi is the author of Tao-teching, which Taoism bases its philosophy off of.