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Initially, Noah has no clue of the actual, supernatural elements of Beacon Hills going on within his town which hampers his ability to do his job in spite of Stiles and Scott encountering and fighting against them on a nightly basis.Finally, in Season 3, he is let in on the supernatural business, he's less than thrilled, but uses his newfound knowledge and perspective to solve cases old and new more effectively, and enlisting the help of Scott's Pack in solving crimes concerning those elements.In Season 3, she embraces her family legacy as leader of her family. The original Beta werewolf in town, Derek is a swirling mass of mistrust, misplaced aggression and anti-social behavior.He seeks out Scott after he is bitten and offers his help, but his standoffishness and secrecy often let Scott to question his motives.She's revealed to be a banshee in the third season. A freshman and extremely gifted Lacrosse player, who transferred to Beacon Hills High School in Season Four.

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At the start of the show, Lydia's life is everything that a high schooler wants: she's popular and beautiful, her parents are rich, and she's in a relationship with the handsome Jerk Jock lacrosse captain, Jackson.

Everything changes, however, when Scott begins to outclass him - both on and off the field - because of his newfound abilities.

Jackson, refusing to take second place, tries to figure out what Scott's really up to. She's been sheltered from her family's double life as a clan of werewolf hunters.

Even after her death, Chris remains a steady ally to Scott and his friends.

Like Lydia, Jackson has a great life: his family is filthy rich, he's dating the most popular girl in school, and he's the captain of the lacrosse team.

Teen dating advice nervous around guys