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He taught me to play guitar, we are both musicians.Kurt Cobain was unfortunate to have a less than spectacular childhood, along with with horrible stomach problems and a mentall illness which probably drived him to get addicted to drugs, which didn't help any.

(Sorry if that disappoints, but if you were expected any 50 best ___ songs list to be scientific, you got bigger problems than this article).They can pump you up, cool you down or troll opposing players.Most of all, they put a little bit of personality on display for the fans coming to the ballpark every day.Unfortunately, you chose to beat your idea down everybody's throats, which isn't cool. People also don’t realise that in all the interviews before ‘Nevermind’ come out, and in the first few months afterwards, we had different perspectives on what our band was. We didn’t realise how many interviews we were doing, just knew that we were exhausted every night after talking for hours on end." - Kurt Cobain-Heart Shaped Box was also inspired by Jessica Tandy, the original Blanche Dubois, and Vivian “Leigh” starring in Tennessee William’s A Street Car Named Desire.(Inspired by Blanche’s Seahorse Pin)I listened to a radio interview of Courtney Love in Burbank and when Kurt was across town playing at the Whiskey Go-Go.The dj asked Love, if she was a Pisces and she said that 'Kurt had an old girlfriend that was a Pisces that he said he got along allot better with.' Kurt turned to herion after his other, unknown girlfriend terminated a pregnancy due to Kurt's new found addiction.