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Jefferson County is located in the heart of "the other Florida," the Florida of rolling hills and stately oaks draped in wispy Spanish moss.

Situated in the state's Panhandle, it is the only county that extends from Georgia on the north to the Gulf of Mexico on the south.

Built by wealthy land barons and northern industrialists who first recognized the advantages of life in the area, they represent some of the best architectural styles of the period.

The First Presbyterian Church, rebuilt in following a fire, is a wonderful example of typical American style with a distinctly Southern flavor.

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Monticello is the site of stately turn-of-the-century homes and public buildings, many of which are listed on the National Historic Register.Built with bricks laboriously hauled from South Carolina by ox cart, its intricate interior detailing was finished in native hardwoods and exhibits the handiwork of master woodworkers.The restoration of other local landmarks such as The Monticello Opera House () further attest to the community's continuing appreciation of its rich past, while it looks eagerly to its promising future.Low taxes, reasonable land prices and a low crime rate combine with our mild climate and natural beauty to make Jefferson County attractive to retirees and others weary of the crowded, crime-ridden population centers.Coexisting side-by-side with the mini-farms are horse farms, large private hunting preserves, and large-acreage nursery, beef, dairy and crop farms.