Updating electrical wiring cost

However, they can be hidden under specially-designed decorative moldings to preserve the antique appearance.Electrical Protection Systems Fuse boxes in pre-war apartments are normally from discontinued product lines, and in some cases the brand itself may no longer exist.Once he realized that he would need to pay a plumber thousands of dollars to replace the piping, he went back to the client asking for a change order. In some pre-war apartments the floor planks are so old that when your contractor begins to sand them, he may discover that they are too thin and need to be replaced. If you have an older apartment, you may need to replace the wiring and electrical panel when you make renovations if the existing wiring does not meet modern building code requirements.The client justifiably refused, and the contractor walked off the job. The original refinishing cost, which should usually cost between and per square foot, can easily jump to a square foot when you’re replacing the flooring. Old wiring and fuse boxes are not nearly as safe as modern electrical materials.That's because most shower trim is specific to the particular piping.One of our clients originally hired the lowest bidder for her bathroom renovation and the contractor assumed he could simply buy new hot and cold handles and replace the old ones.When planning a renovation, there are a lot of expenses to take into consideration, especially in New York City.These include labor, materials and fees to the managing agent, as well as some hidden fees like parking — all of which contractors, if not apartment owners, tend to be pretty familiar with and (hopefully) have factored into their estimates to you.

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However, their electrical installations are often very outdated, and require upgrades to accommodate a modern lifestyle.

2) Use 220-Volt Appliances Whenever Possible One of the basic principles of electricity is that power transmitted is equal to the product of voltage and current: Power = Voltage x Current However, wiring and breakers are sized based on current, and a higher capacity involves a higher cost.

Increased current capacity also means wiring must have a larger diameter, which complicates its installation and drives up the associated labor cost.

For this reason, it is often necessary to replace them completely with a new panel and circuit breakers.

Direct replacement of the existing fuses is normally not possible because the existing bases don’t match those of modern protection systems.