Updating indiana opensource

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We have more content on open source for the public sector in the first part of our Mapbox Cities handbook.Open Indiana can even be called an analogue to GNU/Linux, but instead of a monolithic Linux kernel, it uses the OS/Net-based derivative kernel known as Illumos, which is 100 per cent ABI compatible with the Solaris kernel.In short, we can assume that Open Indiana is actually the Open Solaris operating system. Not just an IT industry flagship, but also a legendary firm. Started in 1982 to further develop the project born in Stanford University, the acronym (SUN) itself stands for Stanford University Network.With just two developers on the IT Services team, they built and continue to maintain several open source tools.As Rick Dietz, Bloomington’s Director Information & Technology Services explains: Tens of thousands of government units shouldn’t be paying tens of thousands of times over for the very same software systems doing the very same tasks.