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It also emits a crisp picture, which is surprising because the screen is edge lit (one of those carefully considered corners that was cut.) Driving the Sony’s smarts is Google’s Android TV platform, one of the (roughly) 1 million initiatives that the search giant pays scant attention to from time to time.

Also, like many other higher-end televisions, the Sony’s speakers leave much to be desired; skimping on the Bravia’s body has taken a toll on of its sound output.Get the latest deals, reviews and recommendations from the editors of TIME: sign up for The Goods newsletter here And speaking of streaming, with Roku’s Internet video interface baked in, the NS55 is a great television for cord cutters.Providing access to an ever-growing library of apps and games, as well as more than 450,000 movies and games, Roku makes some of the best over-the-top boxes on the market.But it’s a bit dim and the viewing angles aren’t the best, so be careful in big, well-lit rooms with this television (or invest in some blackout curtains.) The 65US5800 also offers upscaling — a surprising feature at this low price point — which means it can take your high definition cable signals and make them look better (though not quite 4K quality.) The second thing you’ll notice after powering on the TCL is that it’s also loaded with Roku’s smart TV interface.One of the best over-the-top video streaming solutions on the market, Roku has apps and channels aplenty, and it also can let you download movies and shows without the need for an external box.