Updating navionics cards

Navionics Update micro SD Card for US/Canada The Navionics Update chip allows you to update your existing chart.Simply use your old chart to activate the update chip and get the latest updates.Navionics is offered with several models and includes: Nautical Chart, Sonar Chart™, Community Edits and free daily updates for one year!In North America, the Navionics bundle includes marine and lake charts on one card, all with Sonar Chart™ 1ft HD contours, throughout US and Canada, plus a growing list of more than 18,000 inland lakes.Navionics Updates gives you access to Navionics for a very modest price, and now comes preloaded with detailed Nautical Charts (All US/Canada Lakes and Coastal).You can also easily download Sonar Charts, and Community Edits from navionics.com, and you also receive 12 months of Freshest Data updates.Navionics provides more than 2,000 updates per day.

Anglers can now switch from a C-MAP, Fishing Hot Spots, Garmin, Lake Master, Lowrance, or Trak Maps card to Navionics.

You may be prompted to purchase a new Navionics Updates card if your current card was produced before the Freshest Data program began.

This card can be purchased through our online store or your local dealer.

To update also 3D charts you need to go to the nearest local dealer, give back your old Platinum and ask for a new one that will be given you at half of its original price.

For Plotter Bundle cards (cards pre-packaged with select GPS plotters/sounders): You can upgrade to Navionics online through our Chart Installer or by purchasing a Navionics Updates card through our online store or your local dealer.