Updating row using cursor oracle

On your system however the rollback wraps every 2 minutes due to lots of little transactions going on. What you need to do here is size rollback so that it wraps less frequently (less frequently then your long running queries). I think when RBS wraps to extent 1., it starts over writing and hence the chance for 1555 Am I correct if I say, as long as any of the Rollback segments do not wrap to extent 1, there will not be a 1555 even during commit in the for loop sql queries.Here if I sized the rollback so that I had 10, 10meg segments (not so they could GROW to 10meg but that they are starting at 10meg) we would wrap maybe every 20minutes now. Therefore, if all the RBS are very large with no wraps during a query, 1555 is mute Thanks Therefore does the circle is established by min extents.

I still am a bit unclear what makes the RBS advance.I thought if the RBS ring consists of 100 extents, subsequent to the 100th extent, RBS tries to get to extent 1.If this is not possible because of a active TX, RBS links new extent and keeps growing. June 09, 2004 - am UTC If a TX needed more space AND the current extent was full and hence the RBS pointer would have to advance then the TX will go into the next extent in the chain if and only if there are no active transactions in it. I think you might be refering to the fact that many active transactions can be in an extent.It is about rollback that was generated being overwritten.A select statement will not cause rollback to be "held".