Updating xorg

Both the certification and system requirement documents can be updated multiple times in between product releases, depending on whether or not new information is available. Without this, the installer will report an error (Operating System package check error) for openmotif packages, as it is replaced by the motif libraries.

The installer check for the obsoleted openmotif packages will be addressed in the future releases.

The files in the temporary directory require approximately 2.5 times the space that is ultimately required for the installation.

multiplied by the number of agents is the minimum amount of available memory required on your system; the amount of additional memory needed beyond this number depends on the number of other application you have running on your system.

For environments with Web Logic server, set the memory allocation by modifying the work with XA drivers only.

(for Windows operating systems) installer; in these cases, a platform-specific JDK is included with the distribution and you do not need to install a JDK separately.

However, it may be recommended that you upgrade this JDK to a more recent version, depending on the JDK versions that are certified.