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"Because think about it — from a theoretical standpoint this thing is as much about the audience as it is about the broadcast.

And that's really our focus — to let everybody participate and create content together.

One girl watching a sleeping teen boy with me gave a reasonable response: "He's my boyfriend." Others had elliptical reasoning: "I think it's more that the people doing it want to get likes and fans."Adi Sideman, the founder of You Now, told me his theory on #sleepingsquad: "It's the addiction to the internet, it's the addiction to social media, it's not wanting to leave it behind even when you're sleeping." Andy Weissman of Union Square Ventures, who is invested in the app, described it as "an online slumber party" in an email to Buzz Feed News.

"I also think part of the human condition is to look for connection with others.

If you really like them, you can tip them with points purchased with real money through the app, and the performer gets real money as a tip.

You Now's revenue model is based completely around the tipping system; they take a cut of the in-app purchases when fans buy points to tip the performers.

It's basically like an open-mic night where the hat is passed around: Some people will watch for free, some will toss a dollar in, and the house takes a cut at the end of the night. "We're happy with our current revenue model," said Sideman.

Fandom doesn't have a price on other platforms, like Vine or You Tube, where teen stars are made — ad-supported videos eliminate the need for financial transactions between the watchers and the watched.

The kindness of talking to strangers on 7 Cups Of Tea has helped me deal with the stresses and strains of life, just be having someone listen to my problems and help offload some overthinking or see things in a new light. Lately, I've been enjoying a deeply creepy yet technically totally innocent new activity: lying in bed at night and watching random teens sleep.I've been doing it on You Now, a mobile app and web live-streaming app that's a hit with teens.Welcome to the Community Make emotional wellness a daily habit by following your growth path.Reminders and progress along your path can help you get support from trained volunteer listeners and do simple activities on your own to relax, on a regular basis, giving you more control over your own well being. At fist i was kind of doubting if i should try this app..i'm glad i did. I need help with depression and anxiety, and 7 cups of tea is a great thing for people with problems.