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HM: Once you’re known in a certain way, especially in America — and if it involves being sexy at all — it really backs you into a corner.It can certainly open opportunities for you in that category, but once you grow and decide you don’t want to be in a bikini 24 hours a day, it doesn’t really help in terms of doing other things. I remember the good experiences, but I don’t dwell in an era. I think those people are commenting now because they’re embarrassed themselves. Who knows what they’re telling other people, honestly.Everything is really heavily produced and edited, and you’re only left with one sliver of your personality being shown. But it’s just so easy as a viewer to believe what you see. And I learned that when I dated a few celebrities after I left the Mansion. HM: I wish her the best, but I’m really happy in my life now. What really captivated me about burlesque was how these women were so sexy, glamorous, and fun — but they were doing it on their own terms. In the world I was in, which was the world of Playboy, I was very fascinated with it, yes.

So even having to mention certain people’s names again, especially relationships mentioned in a book that I wrote over a year ago — I wasn’t really into that. I didn’t really date too much in college and I had a steady high school boyfriend before that.

Where does a Playboy Bunny go after leaving the Mansion behind?

In the case of Holly Madison, it's straight to Sin City.

In the memoir, she wrote about how she allegedly suffered for years while living with Hefner.

"I don't know what people think goes on in the bedroom," Madison, 35, told Us while chatting about her memoir, "but it was always very much the same, and intimidating, and not something that I liked.