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Emily Andras: I really wanted to make sure we tied it up in a neat bow, wherever we could.I was really proud of this season as a whole, in so far as we set up a lot of stuff in the beginning that we did pay off in the end.The last major shock came at the end of the episode when Wynonna met up with the mysterious, and previously missing, Mama Earp.Looks like Season 3 will bring even more answers for Waverly as it seems that we’ll be meeting Mama Earp.It’s the ultimate selfless choice if you truly think you cannot raise a baby on your own, in a healthy environment, to give it to someone who can.It’s the ultimate gift really and I get choked up just thinking about it.To break everything down in the finale episode, “I Hope You Dance” written by showrunner Emily Andras and directed by Paolo Barzman, The TV Junkies discussed it all in our final postmortem chat of the season with Andras.

What was your approach heading into this finale and what did you want it to accomplish?

I want everyone to have a moment to shine, and I hope they did. The show is called Wynonna Earp, and Melanie Scrofano is Wynonna Earp.

TTVJ: While last week everyone was missing Wynonna, and Melanie Scrofano barely appeared in the episode, this week was the exact opposite. You just see the power of her, of the powerful sun by which all other characters rotate around.

It seemed consistent with Wynonna’s character that she’d be the type of woman who accidentally got pregnant, didn’t have a lot of choice about what to do, and then made the best choice, which was knowing the baby would have a better chance at a better life away from her.

It was an excruciating choice, but I think a choice a ton of women have to make in this day and age and still is not discussed.

Who is emily from revenge dating in real life