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The storyline had Matt Cappotelli introduce her to the ring as a way to taunt Hennigan.Melina, however, turned on Cappotelli and aligned herself with Hennigan, who later changed his ring name to Johnny Nitro.Also at The Great American Bash, MNM dropped their championship to the Legion of Doom, prompting a new storyline where Melina hired Jillian Hall, a "fixer", to assist them.MNM regained the title on October 28 in a Fatal Four-Way tag team match.During the tag team match, Mark Henry aided MNM in winning back the WWE Tag Team Championship. He accompanied her and aided the other members of MNM in matches against Batista and Mysterio.At Judgment Day on May 21, 2006, MNM were booked to lose their Tag Team Championship to Paul London and Brian Kendrick.Soon after, Melina and Nitro began teaming with Joey Matthews, later known as Joey Mercury.

The storyline had the two engage in sexual acts, after which he simply thanked her for the "warm-up" before leaving to take part in the match, where he and Mysterio defeated MNM for the title.

Melina debuted as the villainous manager of MNM on the April 14, 2005 edition of Smack Down! The team interrupted the first ever Carlito's Cabana interview segment, where one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions, Rey Mysterio, was a guest.

Melina insulted Mysterio and had Mercury and Nitro attack him, leading to MNM's in-ring debut the next week on Smack Down! The team was booked to win the match against Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero, starting their first WWE Tag Team Title reign.

Melina made her first Raw appearance on November 29, 2004 when Randy Orton was the guest General Manager and hosted a diva lingerie fashion show.

She made another Raw appearance in December, participating in a limbo contest when Chris Jericho was General Manager for the night.