Windows 2016 reverse dns not updating

For those who have tried, they probably noticed that none of the computers did dynamically register the reverse lookup (PTR) records in DNS.

So what need to be done for each Azure VMs to register their PTR record dynamically?

They are only cleaned up when a network name resource is deleted from the cluster.

I hope you found this information useful to understand how Network Name behaves and how it interacts with DNS in Failover Clustering.

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The ‘Or’ is a dependency which the Net Name has on the IP Addresses which implies that EITHER the 1.99 IPv4 Address OR the 2098:e0e:90e3:a1b4:e34c:cbe IPv6 Address must come online before the Network Name resources comes online.When combined with the Host Name this indicates the FQDN of a host.By default it is the same as the Active Directory domain that the host is joined to.Quite simple, the DNS Dynamic Registration setting under manual configuration of NIC properties in Azure are not persistent, so it must be automated.The solution provided below is a suggested solution to automate the process using a Power Shell startup script in Active Directory Group Policy (GPO) Power Shell v3.0 is required for the script to complete work on Win2008R2.