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But in reality, any sever can fall of the patch/update list, and you don't figure out until you do something like a service pack.

I think we all try and have checks so that does not happen, but along comes Murphy, and well an ounce of prevention...

I am validating there will not be issues prior to starting the update at some time in the future where there is a scheduled down time.

It has been pointed out to me that while the timing of this answer is slightly off from my scenario.

Have I validated everything I can by the end of "Check Files in Use"?

Does going to "Ready to update" add value to the validation?

Obviously requires having some hardware available, but if you can throw it away when you're done, much less than duplicating the entire fleet of [email protected] Jenkins: I've used VMWare's converter to copy a running physical machine to a VM for testing in the past, and I assume similar tools exist for Hyper V and so forth.

Of course there may be licensing issues to worry about depending on how your company's Windows and SQL Server licensing arrangements are.

I was not asking if I should wait for files in use, and I am specifically NOT applying the service pack at this time.

Now when the update is in planning stage, I move the Service Pack to the server and test it through "Check Files in Use" or "Ready to update".

I cancel the update at that point, and feel as confident as I can that during the update, I will not run over the scheduled downtime window.

Concur, where a separate test system exists from the production, update the test first, then update production.

The problem is usually seen on older servers that don't have a test system.

Windowsvector mdf validator for validating mdf files