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Upper Canada forces defeated the rebels, and Mackenzie and others fled to the United States.Peace again returned to Toronto and the city steadily grew during the 19th century, a major port of distribution as Upper Canada was settled.Dorchester's first choice was Kingston, but was aware of the number of Loyalists in the Bay of Quinte and Niagara areas, and chose instead the location north of the Bay of Toronto, midway between the settlements and 30 miles (48 km) from the US.Under the policy of the time, the British recognized aboriginal title to the land and Dorchester arranged to purchase the lands from the Mississaugas.Simcoe only lived in York for three years, but he directed its initial settlement on a gridiron layout near the mouth of the Don River.

Toronto's first mayor William Lyon Mackenzie, a reformer, persisted in his efforts to reform Upper Canada, culminating in his organization of a rebellion in 1837.

The history of Toronto, Ontario, Canada begins several millennia ago.

Archaeological finds in the area have found artifacts of First Nations dating back several thousand years.

Toronto businesses grew including the meat packing business, leading to the nickname of "Hogtown".

Toronto continued to grow by annexing outlying villages up until the early 1900s.