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In fact, in most cases we’ve been able to give our clients the clarity and guidance they needed in just one or two email exchanges. And in the event that you aren’t satisfied with your Dating Coach SOS experience, we’ll give you your money back. Who is offering their dating advice to you -- a 23 year old staff writer at a newspaper?No need to feel pressured about saying everything you need to in one shot.You’ve got the time and ability to tell your online dating coach things as you remember them, at your own convenience. Studies have shown that putting things in writing helps you clarify and concretize your thoughts.You are taken on a journey from the very onset where you answer a series of interviews that describe your personal preferences as well as those you seek in a partner and relationship.

Enjoy food, drinks, live music, dancing, and of course - singles.

Of course, if this whole emailing thing just doesn’t work for you, then this service is probably not for you and you should find yourself a traditional dating coach and take the financial hit.

But for most people our emailing dating coaching has worked amazingly well.

The other people just put their shingle out with little or no training. In addition, for many being a dating coach was a part time job.

Matchmakers can provide an important function of actually providing a pool of qualified candidates.