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I get recognised, but it's not as if I've done a film or anything.

If you were to marry, how would you separate financial responsibility?I said no, this is a first date and I think we should split it. But it was a stupid investment because all the new CO2 congestion charges were being introduced and now I have to pay £25 a day just to use it. Cash - I don't like cards except for when I go to the supermarket to buy food.It was like the world had caved in - she was gobsmacked. Have you learned any difficult lessons about money by mistake? When I discovered how much petrol it gets through I realised it was ridiculous. I like to take out some cash and know that's what I've got to spend for the day.Ziggy Lichman, 27, is the former French Connection model better known for participating in last year's Big Brother.He lives in an apartment in Queen's Park with his 30-year-old brother Daniel, a lawyer, and 31-year-old sister Zoe, a PR consultant My father was a fashion wholesaler and we lived in a large five-bedroom house just outside Totteridge.